The International Consortium

SKLEER has been developed by an international medical and pharmaceutical research organisation.

Our mission is to have a tube of SKLEER in every household worldwide, as you can use it on almost anyone in the house, from mother, to father, to teenager, to toddler, to sister, to brother, to grandma, to grandpa.

The Miracle Gel

SKLEER All in One Skin Corrective has a unique patent pending gel formulation that carries the natural herbal ingredients deep into the skin to assist with restoration and healing.

SKLEER’s proprietary gel formula allows for invisible application which remains in the skin for a prolonged period of time, locking in the active ingredients to work synergistically and refresh the skin.

Unlike other topical ointments and creams that are sticky and uncomfortable on the skin, after applying SKLEER All in One Skin Corrective you will notice within about 30 seconds the gel essentially disappears, leaving an invisible protective layer on the skin.

How Does It Work?


SKLEER’s miracle gel, draws its natural herbal ingredients into the lower layers of the skin which are the actively dividing layers of the skin. This provides a wonderfully moisturising environment, while the skin naturally replenishes itself.

The upper dead surface layers of the skin (epidermis) are the protective layers of the skin, which act as a barrier to moisture escaping. In dry climates or in individuals with dry skin, this epidermal layer is often unable to cope and too much moisture is lost from the skin. Excessive showering, bathing or cleaning may worsen this by exfoliating away the epidermal layer due to the harsh effects of soap. SKLEER supplements the skin’s epidermis, by providing an extra invisible layer that locks in SKLEER’s natural herbal ingredients and the skin’s natural moisture and sheen.


Paraben-Free & Alcohol-Free!
No Artificial Preservatives
No Lanolin
No Hydroquinone
No Corticosteroids
No Testing on Animals

No harmful Acids Or Alkalis!
No Salicylic Acid
No Glycolic Acid
No Retinoic Acid
No Benzoyl Peroxide

Unlike other topical ointments and creams, which are sticky and uncomfortable and stay on top of the skin, after applying SKLEER gel to the skin, you will notice within about 30 seconds the gel essentially disappears. What the unique and proprietary formulation of the SKLEER gel does, is it draws the SKLEER’s natural ingredients, into the lower layers of the skin, which are the actively dividing layers of the skin, and locks them in providing for a great environment for your skin cells which is deeply refreshing and moisturising. This allows for skin appearance to improve.

The combination of essential oils in SKLEER: Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Caraway, Cinnamon and Cardamom work synergistically and help to make your skin feel fresher, tighter, cleaner, more radiant and clear.



Not Sticky or Goo-ey and Fragrance Free Unlike a lot of other creams on the market today, SKLEER’s proprietary gel formulation automatically draws most of it’s components into the lower layers of the skin, leaving a clean non-sticky invisible protective layer on the surface. Although SKLEER has a refreshing eucalyptus smell on application, this is also absorbed into the lower layers with-in about 30 seconds, leaving the skin odor-free.


Potent, power packed natural ingredients

SKLEER is a dermatologist recommended product that assists with a number of Skin Conditions.

Get & Keep your Skin Clear with SKLEER

To get rid of skin blemishes and keep your skin clear use SKLEER.


Derived from the highest-quality ingredients and the best sources worldwide, SKLEER’s natural proprietary gel formulation is a multi-purpose product that is beneficial for the skin, keeping it looking young and blemish free.

It is also safe and soothing to use with a number of Skin Conditions such as itchy skin, eczema, dry skin, insect bites, burns, abrasions, rashes, hives, sunburn, scars and many others.

Your go-to-product for skin first-aid and maintenance, everyone should have at home and in your pocket-book.

SKLEER is an “All in One Skin Corrective” that creates skin beauty through nature’s ingredients and is ideal for use on all skin types including those affected by:

SKLEER 1.0 oz- Natural African Magic Skin Gel

SKLEER must be kept cool (room temperature at 25 degree celcius) and away from the sun.

~சரியான தோல் நம்பிக்கை~


இந்த வலைத்தளத்தைப் பயன்படுத்தி அல்லது வேறு எந்தவொரு புதிய உலகளாவிய ஜி.டி.எல். எல்.ஐ.டியைப் பயன்படுத்துவதன் மூலமோ அல்லது வேறுவழியின்றி மற்றொன்றிற்கு முன்னரே விற்பனை மற்றும் நிபந்தனைகளின் விதிகளை கவனமாகப் பிரசுரிக்கவும். லிமிடெட். இணையதளம். [மேலும் காட்ட...]


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